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For a limited period, BOAC and the Golden Age of Flying is available for just £18 including postage and packing (49% below RRP). Order before 4.00 pm and receive your copy the next working day.


A celebration of an iconic British airline which although short lived (1939 to 1974) came to symbolise luxury and exclusivity in the jet age which followed World War II.   


BOAC and the Golden Age of Flying is a large format, hardback, coffee-table book with more than 100 illustrations in both colour and monochrome.​


What readers said...

"Fantastic book... Highly recommended!" 

Captain Thomas Scott Cooper, United Airlines, Temecula.

"A complete description of my memories of BOAC from my adolescence in Constellations, Stratocruisers, and DC7Cs, and then in my teen years being allowed to sit in the flight deck jump seat for landings in VC10s, 707s, and finally 757s. I was so fortunate to have experienced the golden era of flight travel."

Thomas Hilditch, Phoenix.


"Bravo on this super achievement!"

Geoffrey Weill, New York.

"Very nice publication. Well done."

Nigel Maddock, Kilsyth.

"A beautiful book, be very proud!"

William Bird, Norwich.

"A great read and some super photos."

Vikki Ball, Brixham.

"A fantastic and priceless treasure!"

Peter Brown, Church Crookham.

"Absolutely superb!"

Ray Howell, Portsmouth.

"It brought back so many happy memories, not only of joining BOAC, but being chosen to fly on the VC10 and Boeing 707."

John Callaway, Wantage.

"A beautiful book and content rich... if you are into your BOAC, get this book before they all go!"

Sean Naghibi, London.

"Brilliant book to read. So much information about BOAC. A real informatve read. Being former cabin crew for the airline, I thought I had a fairly good knowledge of my former employer — until reading this book."

Andy Gardner, Brighton.

"Top quality with some awesome photographs and illustrations. Highly recommended."

Simon Hepworth, Merthyr Tydfil. 

"A great read! Couldn’t put it down!"

Craig Mulholland-Dalby, Swadlincote.


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