Burnt Ash Publishing

A division of Burnt Ash Developments Ltd.


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86-90 Paul Street

London EC2A 4NE


Burnt Ash Publishing, a division of Burnt Ash Developments Ltd, was formed in June 2019 by Malcolm Turner. Burnt Ash specialises in books on aviation history with particular emphasis on airlines and airliners, especially from the so-called ‘Golden Age of Flying'.

   Malcolm wrote Burnt Ash Publishing’s first book; BOAC and the Golden Age of Flying. Burnt Ash has three more books planned and expects to publish twelve books during its first year. 

   Malcolm was formerly a communications consultant to major enterprises, as well as governmental and non-governmental organisations in Britain, France and Luxembourg. He has been a professional communicator for more than three decades, having founded Turner Meredith PR in 1988. Prior to that he was a journalist.

   In 1993 Malcolm Turner founded the World Leadership Forum, a not-for-profit organisation which promoted leadership internationally by spotlighting the work of exceptional leaders and achievers. It did so primarily by organising high-profile awards events, an area in which it had a long and very successful track record. WLF events included the Science, Engineering and Technology Student of the Year Awards, the Business Journalist of the Year Awards, the Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards and the World Leadership Awards.


He is the author of The Honourable Member, 2017.