A celebration of an iconic British airline which although short lived (1939 to 1974) came to symbolise luxury and exclusivity in the jet age which followed World War II.   


BOAC and the Golden Age of Flying is a large format, hardback book with more than 100 illustrations in both colour and monochrome.​

246 x 189 mm - hardback - 144 pages

ISBN: 978-1-9162161-0-5


What readers said...

"Fantastic book... Highly recommended!" 

Captain Thomas Scott Cooper, United Airlines, Temecula.

"A complete description of my memories of BOAC from my adolescence in Constellations, Stratocruisers, and DC7Cs, and then in my teen years being allowed to sit in the flight deck jump seat for landings in VC10s, 707s, and finally 757s. I was so fortunate to have experienced the golden era of flight travel."

Thomas Hilditch, Phoenix.


"Bravo on this super achievement!"

Geoffrey Weill, New York.

"Very nice publication. Well done."

Nigel Maddock, Kilsyth.

"A beautiful book, be very proud!"

William Bird, Norwich.

"A great read and some super photos."

Vikki Ball, Brixham.

"A fantastic and priceless treasure!"

Peter Brown, Church Crookham.

"Absolutely superb!"

Ray Howell, Portsmouth.

"It brought back so many happy memories, not only of joining BOAC, but being chosen to fly on the VC10 and Boeing 707."

John Callaway, Wantage.

"A beautiful book and content rich... if you are into your BOAC, get this book before they all go!"

Sean Naghibi, London.

"Brilliant book to read. So much information about BOAC. A real informatve read. Being former cabin crew for the airline, I thought I had a fairly good knowledge of my former employer — until reading this book."

Andy Gardner, Brighton.

"Top quality with some awesome photographs and illustrations. Highly recommended."

Simon Hepworth, Merthyr Tydfil. 

"A great read! Couldn’t put it down!"

Craig Mulholland-Dalby, Swadlincote.


De Havilland Comet - The plane that changed the world

A retrospective look at the world’s first passenger jet, and the ways in which it changed the world, including new evidence on the technical flaws which led to a spate of fatal accidents.

De Havilland Comet is a large format, hardback book with more than 300 illustrations in both colour and monochrome.​

246 x 189 mm hardback - 208 pages

ISBN: 978-1-9162161-2-9

Dust Jacket - De Havilland Comet - The j

Britain's Airline Entrepreneurs

From the end of the Second World War the British airline industry produced a series of brilliant entrepreneurs, from Freddie Laker to Richard Branson, who continually innovated the industry.​ Britain’s Airline Entrepreneurs focuses on a small group of remarkable business leaders, to tell the story of an industry which not only changed commercial aviation, it changed our country and, to some degree, changed our lives.

BRITAIN'S AIRLINE ENTREPRENEURS is a large format, case bound book with more than 300 illustrations in colour and monochrome.

246 x 189 mm hardback - 208 pages

ISBN: 978-1-9162161-3-6

Dust Jacket.png

The Constellation - Lockheed's graceful masterpiece

The birth and history of what is often described as the most beautiful and graceful airliner of the piston-engine age.

To be published on 5th April 2021.


The Golden Age of Flying Boats

Until the 1950s, when land-based airports became commonplace, the flying boats of Pan American and Imperial Airways took passengers to the corners of the globe in luxury that rivalled the great ocean liners. Peter Pigott, Canada’s foremost aviation author, has tracked the history of these extraordinary aircraft and their unrivalled levels of exclusivity and comfort.

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Sky Talk

If you have ever wondered how it felt to be in the cockpit  of a BOAC passenger jet in the mid to late 20th century, then Philip Hogge's fact-based stories will take you there with all the colour, detail and human drama that you could wish for. Let one of Britain's most senior airline captains tell you what it was really like to fly for an iconic British airline in the final years of flying's Golden Age. Meet the pilots, engineers, stewards, stewardesses and endless characters of Philip's long career.

Hardback 192 pages 240mm x 168mm.

57 colour and monochrome illustrations.

Sky Talk by Philip Hogg - Dust Jacket.pn


Jeff Gray won the Distinguished Flying Medal and completed a tour of 30 missions over occupied Europe in command of a Lancaster bomber. After the war he joined BOAC and flew the Avro York, Handley Page Hermes, Boeing Stratocruiser, de Havilland Comet 4, and Vickers VC10 on which he became an instructor and examiner. In this beautifully written memoir he takes the reader from agricultural work in rural Scotland to a Lancaster over Berlin, and on to the challenges of airline flying in the post-war years.

Hardback 224 pages 240mm x 168mm

22 illustrations in colour and mono.


Comets & Concordes

Peter Duffey is the only pilot to have flown the Comet 1, Comet 4 and Concorde. He also flew a host of other military and civil aircraft ranging from the de Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide through to the Consolidated B-24 Liberator and the Boeing 707.


In this unique memoir he records not only the challenges of flying such varied and different machines, but also the remarkable people he met and events he witnessed in his long career. 

Hardback 320 pages 240mm x 168mm. 35 colour and mono illustrations.

Comet to Concorde - Dust Jacket.png

Some Pilot

Nigel Harrisson always wanted to be a pilot. From an early age he built balsa wood models, flying them from the grounds of the Alexandra Palace, and he joined the wartime RAF as soon as he was old enough. He was trained in South Africa and later became a flying instructor on Harvards, first in the RAF and later for the civilian operator Airwork. In the 1950s he joined BOAC as a Second Officer on Constellations, later flying Britannias and Comets, before gaining his command on the iconic VC10. Upon retirement from BA, he flew for the royal family of Abu Dhabi. In this moving, frank and deeply personal account he tells not only of the delights of flying during the Golden Age of travel, but also of the ups and downs of a long haul-pilot’s family life and the tragic loss of a much-loved son from a sudden heart attack.



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